The Symposium

Save the date for this year’s Symposium!

Friday, October 21, 9 AM – Noon, followed by lunch.

Beacon alumni talk about what it really takes for  low-income students of color to thrive in independent high schools and private colleges.

Being a low-income kid of color in a wealthy school is harder than most boys and girls let on.  They are constantly aware of the challenges they face – from not having enough money for books, gear, school trips, or even lunch with friends.  They worry about finding a tutor, paying for SAT prep, getting to a game, and buying a class ring. Sometimes they feel completely overwhelmed with the combined responsibilities of school, home, and work.  In the classroom they are often expected to be the “expert” on all things Black or Brown. These challenges, combined with caring passionately about the issues of race and identity dividing our country, spur in them a sense of isolation and dissonance.

Beacon Academy annually brings together a select group of our alumni who honestly and courageously discuss their experiences with hopes of making it better for more kids like them.  Please come listen to their stories and bring your increased awareness back to your communities. As always, it promises to get a little messy and uncomfortable, as we highlight the urgent need for thoughtful dialogue about the socioeconomic and racial issues students and educators grapple with every day.  Audience members are encouraged to share their perspectives in a town-hall style forum and continue the conversation over lunch.

Friday, October 21 • Registration 8am • Program 9am • Lunch 12pm

Beacon Academy • 477 Longwood Avenue • Boston 

RSVP Jennifer Mauer • • 617-423-2266

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Group Photo of Students talking about race