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Alumni Resources

Beacon supports our alumni from their first day in our Academy year until they reach their careers (and beyond!). In addition to the 14-month program, we developed a 10-Year Model that follows our alumni after they leave Beacon and prioritizes communication and growth to best identify and address their needs. We offer educational support services to our more than 300 alumni to guarantee guidance, resources, and connection to Beacon post graduation.

For our alumni in high school, these educational support services programs include a 9th-grade transition program, bi-annual care packages for those in high school and college, personal visits, academic guidance, emotional support, SAT prep, essay writing support, college application and financial aid assistance, and more.

For our students in college, we offer a wide range of professional development programs, including resume workshops, panels with industry leaders, and access to internships and jobs through our full-service website, BeaconConnect. We also host several annual events each year for all alumni, continuously seeking ways to stay connected. Below you will find a few ways in which we support our alumni.


Care Packages and Visits

Twice a year Beacon staff and volunteers assemble and send uplifting care packages to our high school and college age alumni as they enter midterm season. These packages include snacks, school supplies, and toiletries, and are sent to our 300+ alumni all over the world. Beacon staff and volunteers also take the time to visit alumni at school and make an effort to attend their important games and performances.

student playing basketball on court

High School Support Pilot Initiative

Our staff and volunteers provide educational support services to our alumni in the 9th grade to ensure a smooth transition into high school. We help our students in any way they need, from advising them with course selection to ensuring that boarding students have all necessities to live on campus.

College Advising Program

Beacon’s College Support Program works in tandem with the support offered at our students’ high schools and helps alumni navigate the entire college process. Beacon works with students to identify colleges that are both academically and financially a good fit, offers ACT/SAT and essay writing preparation classes, and guides alumni through the analysis of financial aid packages.

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Career Guidance and Mentoring

We assist alumni in securing internships that complement and enhance their academic experience, allowing them to explore their passions and develop their ideal path through higher education and beyond. The priority is to help students secure paying jobs and internships or to provide the underwriting necessary to allow them to pursue an unpaid opportunity.

Alumni Events

We host several gatherings for alumni to reconnect, network, and stay in touch with their Beacon community. Past events have included a summer day trip to Martha’s Vineyard, a fall Homecoming celebration, and a networking event at Encore Boston Harbor just to name a few!