Founders’ Welcome

There is no greater gift than opportunity.  

As you get to know our school, we hope that you will be able to better appreciate how this gift of opportunity, added to our students’ own potential, has altered their lives forever.

We deeply appreciate our alumni, especially the Founding Class – adventurous, ambitious, intelligent girls and boys who made Beacon Academy real. With wise, seasoned, brilliant faculty members, volunteers and donors, they developed and nurtured Beacon’s culture of rigor, truth, spontaneity, joie de vivre, love, laughter and accomplishment.

Every year, we bear witness to the shocking educational and socioeconomic gap between where our kids come from and where they could be. Every year it widens and we dig in deeper, more confident in our mission.

We are also deeply appreciative of Temple Israel and Simmons College, who, from the beginning, have warmly welcomed us and embraced our mission and our students.

Our donors and volunteers provide the army of good will and support that sustains us. The members of our Board of Trustees lead with wisdom, dedication, and compassion.

To all of you who have contributed to Beacon in so many ways, we extend our sincere appreciation.

cindy-sig-silo                   marsha-sig_silo
Cindy Laba                                                  Marsha Feinberg
Founder                                                       Founder

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