Quick Facts

We are measured by the success of our 289 Beacons who are excelling in independent high schools, colleges, and workplaces around the country.


 Key Statistics

  • $66 Million in Scholarships: Our 289 graduates have earned over $66 million in scholarship funding from high schools and colleges over the past 15 years.
  • 99% Graduation Rate: 99% of the students in Beacon’s first 11 classes have graduated from high school. (Two students were unable to finish their senior year because of mental health issues. We continue to work with them to earn high school diplomas and enter college.)
  • 75% College Matriculation: Of our 138 graduates of college age or older, 75% are currently enrolled in or have graduated from college, 10% plan to return to complete their degree thanks to the work of our College Completion Project, and the 15% who do not plan to receive a 4-year degree are working full-time or pursuing alternate paths such as military careers.
  • 95% Stay Connected: Almost all of our Beacons stay connected to Beacon and to each other through participation at alumni events or direct contact with Beacon staff and peers.