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Come to our Open House on Saturday, October 8, 2022, from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM! Click here to RSVP today!


Beacon’s academic program provides a rigorous curriculum and continuous support for students in and around Boston who have a passion for learning and a desire to attend independent high school. We look for motivated, curious, and hardworking students who are dedicated to spending a year before 9th grade preparing for the transition to private high school.  Once accepted, Beacon offers each student support from the beginning of the Academy year through their first career. If this sounds like you or your student, we hope you will apply to Beacon Academy through our easy steps below. Beacon is committed to providing students in the Boston area with support and educational resources, and we hope you will contact our admissions department by email at if you have any questions. Our admissions team is excited to meet you!

The Application Process

Step 2

Attend our Open House to learn more about our program.

Step 3

Complete our online application. This includes:

  • Demographic and family/caregiver information
  • Short answer questions (three 200-250 word responses)
  • One long answer question (500-750 words)
  • Recommendations from teachers and school principal/counselor
  • Scheduling an interview

First round applications are due on January 15th of every year. Rolling admissions begin in March and continue through early June. We also accept applications through the SAO application site if you or your student prefer this platform. If so, please ensure ‘Beacon Academy’ is added to their profile and reach out to our admissions team to receive an application fee waiver code. We are aware there may be delays in the acquisition of application materials from schools, teachers, or administrators due to COVID-19. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or delays and we will work together with your family on your application.

Online Application

Step 4

Complete our financial aid application, including a Parent Financial Statement (PFS). See below for instructions:

  1. Visit the School & Student Service Website and click “Website for Parents and Families”.
  2. Click on “Login to Complete or Update your PFS” and choose if you would like to create an account or have an existing one.
  3. Fill out your information and select “Beacon Academy” in the school list.
  4. You will be asked to submit payment before submitting the form. Qualifying families will simply bypass all payment screens when the PFS is complete. Contact our admissions team if your family does not qualify to receive a fee waiver. No applicant should pay this fee. Once you have submitted the PFS, you will then be allowed to upload the required supplemental documents.
  5. Upload relevant Tax Forms from the past year (W2, 1040, 1099, etc.)

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Step 5

Attend a virtual Interview with our admissions team.

Final Outcomes

Thank you to all of the students who have submitted their applications. The Admissions Committee reviews applications in the order they come in and candidates are reviewed on a regular basis.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Beacon Academy’s tuition is $57,000. Because of our needs-based scholarship program, we are able to provide financial aid grants that meet 100% of our families’ demonstrated need. We will work with you individually to determine a figure that is equitable based on your financial circumstances.

Families will be expected to complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). The PFS is used by schools across the country to help assess families’ financial aid needs. To access the PFS, visit the National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) School and Student Services (SSS) website. SSS uses the income and asset information in the financial aid application itself to assess the family situation and automatically applies a waiver if the family qualifies.

The financial aid program is open to students of any race, creed, and national or ethnic origin. A candidate’s request for financial aid does not affect his/her chances for admission. Decisions regarding admission and financial aid are made separately. Due to processing times, it is necessary to apply for financial aid at the same time you apply for admission to Beacon Academy. Families will receive notification on financial aid when they receive notification on admission to Beacon Academy.

Contact Us

For all additional questions or further assistance with your application, please contact our Admissions team at or call/text 617-4-BEACON (617-423-2266). We look forward to hearing from you!