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Beacon Academy serves low-income students living in Boston and surrounding urban areas. Most (80%) of our students’ families live below the poverty level and the remainder of them live just above it. They don’t always have money for food, often experience instability in their housing, and are plagued by job insecurity. Of our 247 graduates and 22 current students, 57% are Black, 28% Hispanic, 9% Biracial, 3% Caucasian, and 3% Asian. 140 are female-identifying and 129 are male-identifying. Most students become the first in their families to finish high school or complete college, and many break multi-generational cycles of teenage parenthood and adult poverty. In short, Beacon students represent the most underserved Boston residents; yet they have the grit, talent, and determination to change the trajectory of their lives.
Beacon Academy
Beacon Academy is at Beacon Academy.
Last week, Beacon’s Class of 2020 had the honor of hearing George Elbaum share his story.

Elbaum is a survivor of the Nazi’s invasion of Poland. He was only one year old when the Nazis invaded in 1939. Elbaum eventually came to the United States as a refugee and settled in Oregon. He later attended MIT and became an aeronautical engineer. He wrote a book about his experiences, Neither Yesterdays Nor Tomorrows: Vignettes of a Holocaust Childhood, in 2009.

Arrangements for this talk were made by Facing History & Ourselves (FHAO) Judi Bohn and Jeff Smith in collaboration with Dreme Flynt, Beacon Academy’s FHAO Teacher and Recruitment & Co-Curricular Manager.

#GeorgeElbaum #FacingHistoryAndOurselves #FHAO
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Beacon Academy
Beacon Academy is at West End House.
We have so many wonderful things to share we had to post twice today - congrats to our three Beacon students who are recipients of Light of Dawnn Scholarships, given to local students who exemplify Dawnn Jaffier’s unwavering commitment to building stronger communities. We are so proud of Alene (BA’16, Middlesex School ‘20, Colby College ‘24), Erika (BA’16, Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay ‘20, Connecticut College ‘24), and Bryan (BA’15, Buxton School ‘20) for working hard to earn this honor. Alene and Erika were lucky enough to meet Governor Charlie Baker at the award ceremony! Thank you to John Hancock and The Foundation To Be Named Later for presenting these awards to so many deserving students from the Boston area over the years. We can’t wait to see what these three accomplish next! #lightofdawnn #collegebound #boston #charliebaker #scholarships #beaconboston #opportunityearned @ West End House
Beacon Academy
Beacon Academy
MOTOWN NIGHT 2020 Three weeks away!!! Buy your tickets now!

To register:

Motown Night is a magical evening celebration that brings hundreds of people together for a night of live music, soul food, dancing, silent auction items, and more!

Last year, Motown convened people from age 12 to 92, from Paris to Providence, and from every walk of life and faith. Imagine dancing to the classics of Motown, eating delicious Caribbean food, all in a beautiful synagogue surrounded by Beacon students and community members!

Motown Night is an uncommon and extremely fun community celebration. This event is open to all in the community: student, families, local nonprofits, artists, entrepreneurs. This Beacon tradition was conceptualized by Beacon Academy Past Trustee and Alumni Parent, Lorraine Smith back in 2015. Each year, Motown brings together over 300 people with the shared aspiration of raising $40,000 for Beacon.

We hope that you will be part of this fun evening with great music from The Dave Macklin Band, fantastic food from The Coast Cafe, and help build an amazing community!

"Motown Night was an incredible, warm, and eye-opening experience. I enjoyed a delicious dinner in a beautiful space, had good conversations with people I've never met before , and felt renewed excitement throughout the entire evening."
-Event Participant, Motown Night 2019


For information on how you can sponsor Motown Night please contact Nicole Baker at! Motown Night is a fantastic exposure opportunity for local and national businesses. Our audience convenes independent school families, educational leaders, nonprofits, artists, and communities of color that are dedicated to raising money to support the educational trajectory of Beacon students. Over $40,000 was raised last year!


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