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Beacon Academy serves low-income students living in Boston and surrounding urban areas. Most (80%) of our students’ families live below the poverty level and the remainder of them live just above it. They don’t always have money for food, often experience instability in their housing, and are plagued by job insecurity. Of our 247 graduates and 22 current students, 57% are Black, 28% Hispanic, 9% Biracial, 3% Caucasian, and 3% Asian. 140 are female-identifying and 129 are male-identifying. Most students become the first in their families to finish high school or complete college, and many break multi-generational cycles of teenage parenthood and adult poverty. In short, Beacon students represent the most underserved Boston residents; yet they have the grit, talent, and determination to change the trajectory of their lives.
Beacon Academy
Beacon Academy
"Being happy is everything. Success doesn't make you happy, being happy makes you successful" is just one of the lessons The Class of 2020 learned during another compelling Speaker Series. Dr. Carolyn Compton, MD is an anatomic & clinical pathology specialist who versed our Beacons on finding opportunities and creating unique paths forward centered around their passions. For Dr. Compton, it was pathology, and that passion came through- inspiring us all to explore what really interests us and makes us happy!

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Beacon Academy
Beacon Academy
The Class of 2020 continues to be dazzled by the @encorebostonharbor staff. This time we met Ed Carlson, Head of Marketing, and Caitlyn Weller, Director of the Front Office. Thanks to our lovely guests, students were able to learn more about the hospitality industry. Students also learned first hand how experts of hospitality maintain their cool under stress, how technology has changed and will continue changing their field of work, and how it is necessary to be your own biggest advocate! Another successful Speaker Series story!

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Beacon Academy
Beacon Academy
On this episode of Beacon Speaker Series, the students were introduced to Rosie Salisbury, Director of Public Relations at Encore Boston Harbor. Windy Pham, Encore's Community Relations Specialist, also joined the conversation. Students were inspired by Ms. Salisbury's determination to grow through her career. Ms. Salisbury moved from Nevada to Boston for her job, and was able to share helpful tips on how our students can feel confident and ready to move forward to their next great adventure. Thank you, @encorebostonharbor !

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Beacon Students Win Scholastic Writing Awards!

Congratulations to this year’s winners of Scholastic Awards for Writing! In true Beacon spirit, the essays are personal, authentic, and moving. They capture the resilience and intellect of these wonderful young students who are now poised to become important voices …

Class of 2017: High School Placements!

We’ve combined the exciting news of high school placement with photos of Beacon’s co-curricular program. Our activities outside the classroom prepare our students for success in independent schools by increasing their cultural fluency and ease in social situations. These photographs depict …

A Legacy of Change

Zenobia Houston, Beacon Academy ’14, Fryeburg Academy ’18, won an essay contest on the life and legacy of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin at a memorial ceremony held at the Hebrew College honoring twenty years since his assassination. Zenobia received her award …

A Reflection on “A Look Behind the Scenes”

Last month, Beacon volunteers and champions gathered to hear reflections from Boston Public School leaders Sarah White Smith and Teresa Rodriguez for a discussion about the challenges facing BPS and the students they educate.  Polly Frankel, a coach at Beacon, …

Beacon’s Broader Impact

Award-winning producers Dr. Frances Hurley and Katie Toumlin are bringing Beacon Academy to thousands of professors and teachers around the country via Cengage Learning. Their film crew captured Beacon’s teachers’ expertise in action, to help pre-service teachers better understand real-world …

Beacon Stays Busy During Spring “Break”

Most kids spend their spring break relaxing and watching television, but not Beacon students!  Here are some highlights of what kept them busy for the past two weeks. Classes at MIT Abandoning the idea of a break, Beacon students spent …