Experiences outside the classroom are as equally integral to our students’ growth as are classroom academics.

In addition to rigorous academics, Beacon recognizes that social fluency and exposure to a broader world are essential components to economic mobility. Beacon’s co-curricular program is a key component in animating our mission of forever changing the trajectory of the lives of all Beacons. Through a range of carefully curated experiences, students become comfortable in a myriad of environments. The goal of the program is to put Beacon students on equal footing with their future peers, allowing them to transition more comfortably into their new circles in high school and college. Additionally, they gain the social confidence and skills to develop life-long relationships and networks with adults providing another platform for success well into their careers.

While this intensive community engagement starts with our students in their Academy year, our Beacons and their families stay connected and continue to participate in many of the activities listed below. Beacons join us both as mentors for the younger students, but also stay deeply connected to our volunteers, and continue to receive advice, guidance, and support through high school, college, and into their first jobs.

Co-Curricular Activities Include: 

  • Rowing
  • Running
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Team Sports
  • Volunteering at Camp Jabberwocky
  • Reading Buddies with FJECC in Temple Israel
  • Martha’s Vineyard Trip
  • Winter Ski Trip
  • Symposium
  • Motown Night
  • Spring Celebration
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Financial Literacy Class
  • Theater