The Bigger Picture

From the beginning, Beacon has had the enthusiastic endorsement of the world of private schools. Professionals and parents from greater Boston’s finest institutions have applauded Beacon’s approach, Beacon’s mission and Beacon’s students. The Head of School at Belmont Hill said recently, “Beacon Academy is a leader in providing direct, timely and transformative support to students during their high school years.” After 10 years of building bridges and bonds, these highly competitive schools are eager for more Beacon grads, whose academic achievement and strength of character add immeasurably to their school’s reputation and cachet. Their presence in elite secondary schools challenges expectations about poor kids from Boston’s toughest neighborhoods and enriches entire school communities. When prejudice or stereotypical insensitivity rear their heads, as they can do, Beacon alums are not surprised. They’ve learned how to react. And how not to. In theory, we all know education can change a life. At Beacon, you can actually witness the course of young lives changing. Beacon kids carry the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. They know they are being counted on to make it. The Beacon staff works with administrators, coaches and teachers at the secondary schools where our grads are accepted and engages openly and honestly in conversations about the issues that will help all kids.  Race and class issues can often go silently unexamined, but Beacon faculty and staff know they need to be addressed.  Not every black male wants to be on the basketball team; not every student can afford the class ring; not every soccer player has a way to get to Saturday morning practice.