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10-Year Model

Beacon Academy offers a 10-year program that prepares highly motivated students from communities with limited resources for competitive high schools, colleges, and careers. Our goal is to support students as they create life-changing opportunities and build fulfilling careers.

Beacon makes a long-term commitment and investment to its students because we believe education is a crucial vehicle to achieving this goal. In an effort to close the opportunity gap that exists for students of color from economically constrained backgrounds, our staff members and broader Beacon community commit to supporting each student for 10+ years with a focus on their educational success and well-being.

With academic resources and support from the Beacon community, Beacon students explore their intellectual curiosity, affirm their racial and cultural identity, build their confidence, and discover the power of their voice.

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Year 1: Academy Year

The first 14 months of the 10-Year Model are dedicated to educating students through rigorous academics and engaging co-curricular activities. These programs are designed to promote social and cultural experiences to build students’ confidence and affirm their identities. During this year, students learn Beacon’s values of respect, courage, curiosity, and accountability, and nurture their leadership skills. After months of thought-provoking classes, enriching extracurricular activities, and high school application writing, Beacon students apply and are accepted into excellent independent high schools that fit each of their academic, personal, and financial needs. We then work with them to secure unique summer experiences with funding to pursue after their Beacon graduation. Throughout the first year and beyond, Beacon works with students to nurture their ability to advocate for their hopes and needs.

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Year 2-5: High School

Beacon partners with high school administrators, faculty, and advisors to build a successful high school experience for alumni and help them find their voices. We work with our students to ensure they have all their school supplies, encourage engagement in extracurriculars, campus life, and leadership, and provide intensive individual guidance as needed. We also help families and caregivers join their new high school community and check in regularly to ensure a smooth transition. As students and families/caregivers begin to think about the college process, Beacon staff partner with each student’s college advisor on college selection. We offer private and group SAT/ACT test prep, coordinate college tours and interviews, and write letters of recommendation for applications. Additionally, Beacon provides guidance to maximize college options and help students, families, and caregivers analyze financial aid packages to minimize debt. Through BeaconConnect, our job board resource, high school students can access opportunities through the Beacon community to secure summer jobs and internships that will prepare them well for their next step.

Year 6-9: College

Beacon provides support with course selection, dorm room supplies, transportation, study abroad guidance, and encourages students to pursue co-curricular leadership development. Beacon staff continuously check in on alumni and collaborate with their respective colleges to connect them with any resources they might need. College students can take advantage of BeaconConnect, Beacon’s career portal, to prepare and apply for internships and jobs with the support of the Beacon community. We partner with companies in different industries to host career days and connect our alumni with volunteers to help them with their application materials.

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Year 10: Career

The 10th year of the program focuses on taking steps to help Beacon alumni launch their careers. Through BeaconConnect, students have access to Beacon connections to help them secure jobs and internships, attend networking events, and connect them with professionals in different industries. We leverage incredible volunteers to help perfect resumes, cover letters, practice interviewing, and provide professional development support to guide alumni towards career paths of interest. Beacon continues to check up on alumni pursuing their careers, and even after their 10th year in the program, we will always continue to stay connected and support the Beacon family.

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