Get Involved

Beacon engages over 300 volunteers each year in both yearlong and one-off engagement opportunities, both of which are very valuable to our students and alumni. Below are many ways to become involved in Beacon’s work.
For more information on all volunteer and engagement opportunities, please contact our Director of Development and Engagement, Nicole Baker, at

Breakfast and Lunch Club

Beacon partners with Simmons College to provide breakfast and lunch to our students but when Simmons is closed we invite volunteers to bring in a healthy meal and stay and enjoy breakfast or lunch with our students, faculty, and staff. 

Care Packages

Beacon alumni stay connected to our school through their high school and college years and twice a year we send out care packages to high school and college age alumni. Volunteers help purchase care package materials and/or help put together the packages.

Coaches Program

Our coaches program is a two-year commitment to aid in the academic and socio-emotional growth of a student. Each student is paired with a coach who acts as a mentor and advisor during their Beacon year and their first year of high school. During the first year, coaches meet twice per month at Beacon, aid in their student’s secondary school application process, monitor academic performance, provide moral and emotional support, establish a relationship with the student’s family, and participate in Beacon events throughout the year. Additionally, coaches support the student’s transition to high school. Though the coaching program commitment is two years, most coaches remain in contact with their students for much longer. 

In-Kind Donations

Consider donating tickets to athletic or cultural events to enrich our co-curricular program. In the past, Beacon supporters have sponsored evenings at the Symphony, performances at the Huntington Repertory Theater, Celtics games, and more.

Running Program

During the fall Beacon students run twice a week and participate in several 5Ks on the weekends. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to run alongside kids who have never run before or to cheer on our students at their races.

Swap It

Twice a year we collect clothing donations and host shopping days. This is a great opportunity to come be personal shoppers to our students as they pick out interview outfits, winter clothes, and formalwear. Volunteers can also help organize and sort the donated clothing.

Tutoring Program

Our tutoring program is a yearlong commitment to come to Beacon one to two times a week to mentor students in math or English. Tutors play an integral role in ensuring our students are academically prepared to succeed in high school and college. 

English tutors – the most important criteria for English tutors is a strong command of teaching the mechanics of grammar, from parts of speech through phrases and clauses. Tutors also need to be willing to work with students on vocabulary – explaining meanings, helping them practice using them in sentences, and quizzing them as they prepare for assessments.

Math tutors – math tutors need to be able to understand and explain a rigorous Algebra I curriculum, including but not limited to: solving and graphing absolute value inequalities, simplifying and performing radical operations, and solving quadratic equations by factoring, the quadratic formula, and completing the square.

Additionally – if there is anyone who is interested in working with one or two students primarily on quantitative SSAT test prep, please let us know!

Please contact Nicole Baker, Director of Development and Engagement, at for more information.